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English for lawyers)

An 80-year-old woman was in front of a judge, charged with shoplifting. He asked her what she had stolen.'A can of peaches,' replied the woman.
'How many peaches were in the can?' asked judge. Ahe replied that there were six.
'Then I'll give you six days in jail,' said the judge. Before he had time to speak further, the woman's husband added,'She also stole a tin of peas.'
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  • Читая рабочую почту)

    Граммар-наци опять негодуэ! Приглашаем вас на презентацию в 14:00 «Деловой стиль, как средство самовыражения»

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  • мячта работодателя)

    "Уверенность в бесперебойности работы консультанта: консультант не уходит в отпуск, не болеет, не увольняется."(с)

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